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anne pauline.
07 November 2012 @ 09:06 pm
Back for holidays and five days of sickness (very pleasant period where I threw up everything I ate. Well great I almost lost 6 Ibs).

Holidays were so nice we had such a great time with bff, as usual. Great weather + great road trips + great meals + great halloween party ...

So today I guess I have to congratulate the US to choose the best president they could have. I'm pretty sad that in France people were maybe a bit too concerned by this elections. I mean it's important to be concerned by the international politics but be although concerned by Ukraine which lived the worst frauludent election. The democracy is threaten in a country candidates to be a member in the European Union. (that was my serious minute from a engaged law student forgive me).

I'm although so saaaaaaaaad I can't go to disneyland anymore : I've lost my annual pass from last year and it is over. I should organize a Charity Gala. Anyway. See you soon!
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anne pauline.
27 October 2012 @ 11:39 pm
Yo wassup bitches ?
I'm in holidays since yesterday (I've celebrated it by going to the cinema watch Skyfall, seriously you should ALL go see it. Best James Bond ever).

So I'm leaving for 5 days going to see BFF in Bordeaux (South of France, great wines, cliché much ?).

Take care, see you around.

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