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i'm alive

Back for holidays and five days of sickness (very pleasant period where I threw up everything I ate. Well great I almost lost 6 Ibs).

Holidays were so nice we had such a great time with bff, as usual. Great weather + great road trips + great meals + great halloween party ...

So today I guess I have to congratulate the US to choose the best president they could have. I'm pretty sad that in France people were maybe a bit too concerned by this elections. I mean it's important to be concerned by the international politics but be although concerned by Ukraine which lived the worst frauludent election. The democracy is threaten in a country candidates to be a member in the European Union. (that was my serious minute from a engaged law student forgive me).

I'm although so saaaaaaaaad I can't go to disneyland anymore : I've lost my annual pass from last year and it is over. I should organize a Charity Gala. Anyway. See you soon!
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Yo wassup bitches ?
I'm in holidays since yesterday (I've celebrated it by going to the cinema watch Skyfall, seriously you should ALL go see it. Best James Bond ever).

So I'm leaving for 5 days going to see BFF in Bordeaux (South of France, great wines, cliché much ?).

Take care, see you around.

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i'm kinda bored

I don't really know what is the real purpose of this new-new-new livejournal but I'm kinda bored and I find the idea of putting some ideas and stuff somewhere in here. I know me and for those survivors who knew me and my style, I like to do changes very often. So now I'll try to do my best not for you (sorry) but for myself. I need to express me and now livejournal is the best thinh I have with of course twitter and listography.

I'm still in university, studying law and i'm still in my second year because - obviously - i'm the worst shit on earth but i can't quit because something is blocked inside me, i refuse to let it go, i refuse to give up so easily because it was my dream to be a lawyer to study law. Anyway, stop that sad/drepressing part.

I'm pretty happy that in 6 days from now i'll be with my bff in Bordeaux (south of France). So excited to spend few days with her because we were not supposed to see each other before the february holidays! It's gonna be good.

It's going to be hard months because I'm going to start a sort of new cure to clean up my skin. I have those huge skin problems and I feel so ugly i cant wait to those spots to get away from me forever, damn. I really want to start although a diet, feel not good in my body eather and change my hair. I really want to be darker but idk my dye and tye was pretty awesome so ... still considering it. Major physical changing would make me more happy i think (is that supperficial to think that ?).

Wow I talk to much. I go finish my episode of vampire diaries and grab a lunch from the cafeteria later. Bye!

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